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The following three "Google Groups" are "listservs", meaning that discussions take place by correspondence among all members by e-mail that is sent to and from the group.  The discussion threads will also be archived, so that members may read them upon joining, even if they were not participants at the time the original messages were sent. 
 All groups are managed by philosopher Richard Garlikov ( and 

Google Groups 1) "Analytic Reasoning and Writing" is a college-prep course for students and others who want to learn to think, read, write, and speak more logically, precisely, and intelligently.  It will use many of the works of the moderator, Richard Garlikov, to teach reasoning and conceptual analysis of the kind found in the writings at, beginning with the questions at
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Google Groups 2) "Intro Ethics" is a general introduction to the principles of ethics, based on the "Introduction to Ethics" by moderator, Richard Garlikov. 

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3) "Medical Ethics" is a moderated discussion group about ethical issues in medicine -- for physicians, nurses, researchers, students and others interested in health care issues.  Led by Richard Garlikov, there will be academic instruction in general principles of ethics where that is necessary and appropiate to help the discussions be meaningful and productive. The purpose is to apply principles of moral philosophy to real, practical, sometimes personally troubling, problems and dilemmas in medical practice and research in order to try to reach useful results.  This is not, however, about legal advice regarding current laws governing clinical practice or research; for that you would need to consult with a qualified attorney or IRB (Institutional Review Board).  It is strictly about trying to determine through reason, experience, and moral sensitivity which actions and rules are both scientifically reasonable and morally right, and what sorts of policies ought to be legally permitted, required, or prohibited whether they currently are or not. 
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