Business Ethics

Teaching and Consulting

Richard Garlikov
Business owner and academic philosopher
Teacher of college "Business Ethics" and  "Ethics and Society" courses
Author of An Introduction to Ethics and The Ethical and Philosophical Foundations of Economics

(205) 835-0039
3239 Lorna Road
Birmingham, Alabama 35216

A Supplement to Issues of Law Because
Not Everything That Is Legal Is Morally Right

I teach the basic principles of ethics to business managers and staff through easily understood examples from daily life and from business case studies, but  based on a much deeper and more rigorously scrutinized perspective than typical "Sunday School" ethics, social etiquette, or traditional business practices.

And I consult with executives and boards about the moral justification and moral problems for policies and practices they would like reviewed

For companies interested in any of the following:
1) review, analyze, discuss any policy or practice they have or are considering that they would like ethically "appraised".
2) seminars or discussions with staff about general principles of ethics or about specific ethical issues.
3) an ombudsman employees can contact who can present their case in an objective manner to management and negotiate over matters of principle and policy.
4) informal arbitration with customers or others to try to reach mutual accord.

Why It Is Important to Study Ethics