Photographer Rick Garlikov's Irondale, Alabama Photography Studio
Portraits of Teens and Adults
Expressive Photography of Men and Women,
but Specializing in Bringing Out the Radiant Beauty of Every Woman

Personalized photography that captures inner essence, not just outward appearance.
Photography with lighting, angles, and expressions that show you at your best.

Expressive Portrait, Glamour, Fitness, and Dramatic Photography of Individuals and Couples, Including Female Couples
Specializing Particularly in Women's Portraits, Romantic Photography, and Sensuous, Artistic, Tasteful Boudoir Photography

(205) 223-0270

By Appointment Only

No Sitting Fees; Immediate Proofs and CD with your image files.

Sample Portrait Photography Comments from Clients

Prints or Digital (jpg) Files on CD, with copyright permission given to you
  • Immediate Proofs; Leave With Your CD of All the Photos
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or you do not need to purchase any pictures or pay any fees if you do not order anything.
    • Business Portraits, Personal Portraits, and Theatrical Portraits 
    • Women's Romantic, Glamour, Dramatic, and Valentine Pictures
    • Weight Loss and Fitness Pictures to Capture the New You
    • Divorce Portraits (to show you are more beautiful and desirable than you probably feel)
    • Great Pictures for Internet Dating Sites and for Valentine's Day
    • Loving Parent-Child Portraits
    • Maternity Portraits
  • Photography Lessons and Photography Instruction
    By Appointment Only

(205) 223-0270

No high pressure sales. A pleasant photography experience as well as good pictures.

but a phone call is more efficient and better, please.

Boudoir Photography is for people seeking to have more
revealing, provocative, playful, dramatic or erotic pictures, all tastefully and artistically photographed.
The pricing for boudoir photography is different; pictures on CD are free after the first six; call for details.